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Updated: May 16

Part 1

I wondered when I would feel like writing and sharing my latest trial of this fabulous life I live...and today was the day. Easter Sunday April 9, 2023 I came home from family dinner about 6pm and was greeted by 6 fire trucks, Emergency Vehicles, the Red Cross, and all my neighbors in the dog park waiting to see how the day would end. Now, because Jesus rose on this Holiday, I automatically knew all would be well.


An electrical malfunction in an upstairs apartment unit started a fire within minutes of my neighbor/friend leaving to walk her dog. When she returned, her apartment was full of smoke and she and the pup turned around and began knocking on doors to alert others there was a fire. Another neighbor walking his dog outside saw the flames on her patio and ran into the building to also knock on doors. All tenants of this building housing over 20 families were safe and sound within minutes. The building lost one cat who was so afraid of the commotion, she jumped off the balcony. Two other cats hid (you know they're good at hiding)...they were taken to the vet and were just fine. And the property management company has a long road ahead of them, if you get my drift.

The building is 3 stories, the fire was on the 3rd floor and my unit is on the bottom. The top units suffered fire, water, and smoke and my unit and 2 others suffered severe smoke and water. I left the property hours later in the clothes I was wearing and leftovers from family dinner to my daughters sofa and life "After the Fire" begins.


I will stop right here and give kudos to the American Red Cross....if you don't know, and have been blessed to have NOT benefit from their services, these people are the GOATS of disaster support and relief. These ladies did not leave our property until every family had a solution for the night and few days ahead. The Red Cross provides "temporary" support, and solid support like where will you stay that night, toiletries, and yes cash - directly to your bank account so you and your family can eat along the way. The financial support is one-time, so then they stay in touch with you and make sure you're connected with other services of support. Ms. Lynn calls me once a week! Thanks to the American Red Cross - check them out here:

....and the firemen! (no words)


Smoke and soot goes everywhere! Talk about wearing a mask! Because my unit is on the bottom floor, this is where the smoke and soot came to settle - even inside the walls where it sits and stays until restoration moves it. And the smoke permeates into everything - especially toiletries made with oil, cream, powder, EVERYTHING reeked of smoke. Remember my trip to Paris in June 2022? Yep, all of my Chanel products, trashed! My make-up brushes absorb smoke just sitting there - just an example of the items you don't think about until you look for it. But all replaceable.

And if you're lucky, the firemen don't have to destroy your unit to do their jobs.

I call this "Soot Underneath the Sink"


Here's a thing that was triggering to me and I didn't realize why until I thought more about it:

Many of my friends asked me "did you have insurance?" Like immediately thinking the worse, after yes, I'm okay...but did you lose everything? I know the question was coming from a place of concern, but it was also bugging me, maybe taking it personal that having insurance would be optional....because having insurance when renting a home or apartment is a law and required for this relationship. And I'm real grown - why would I put myself and my business at so much risk. I kept thinking about it and I even responded to a friend and asked, why is everyone asking me that - of course I have insurance! Then, it dawned on me that question was coming from homeowners, and maybe their awareness is a little short of the rental environment.

So while I felt somewhat offended at the question, I also gave my homeowner friends some grace for being concerned and unaware of the laws of renting an apartment.

Now the works begins....

Called my insurance company, made a claim on my Renter's Insurance Policy. The insurance company springs into action to help immediately as well. Your stuff is just stuff, they do want to make sure you're okay and will send an immediate advance to get you started. Thank you State Farm

1800Textiles carrying all of my clothes, shoes, handbags, hats - and my fabrics to be cleaned.


My daughter has thousands of social media followers and asked me if she could raise support from her followers. And of course you can't stop your kids from making sure you're whole - so to TikTok she went. The sewing community and more showed up for me and I'm eternally grateful for the financial gifts that helped me buy toiletries and eat, put gas in my car and buy bins to begin storing my belongings to get everything cleaned. Insurance benefits is a process, but it's smooth once it gets started. So social media help was amazing.

Thank you!

@enikkig (Erica Griffin), @blackwomenstitch (Lisa Woolfork), Therrell High School Family (Skip Mason), @AtlantaSewingStyle, IATSE Local 479 and all the people that don't even know me - thank you, thank you, thank you

And in case you missed it:

Since that Holiday Sunday, I'm living with my brother, very comfy and he's an amazing cook - until my belongings are cleaned and returned in 3 weeks - ugh! The Property Management Co moved all displaced families to other units....and that Monday afternoon I got a call for a job on a tv show and went to work right away and kept my mind part!

Thanks for joining me for Part I of this story - coming up I'll share the unique aspect of my experience - my two rooms of fabrics and bra making boutique inventory!

Thanks for the love!



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