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Bra making mondays - April 2021

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Welcome to the Sewing My Style Bra-Making Mondays, a bra sew-along for The Devonshire and Boylston Bras from Orange Lingerie Patterns. You are in for a treat and we plan to have fun and make the most gratifying garment you have ever made: a bra.

Bra Making Mondays is scheduled for 4 weeks of bra-making in community with others, casual, private and fun every Monday evening beginning April 5 at 7pm US Eastern Standard Time. We provide a safe environment, full of nurturing body positivity while you learn in community with others.


Mondays at 7pm - Apr 5, 12, 19, 26 Devonshire and Boylston Patterns Orange Lingerie Patterns


Registration for each session is $225 per person - registration includes one bra kit to make your first bra (toile). After registration, you will order your pattern choice (or both) - digital download from Orange Lingerie for $17.99 each. You will order one bra kit from Gigi's Bra Supply using a complimentary code provided after registration. Underwires are NOT included in your bra kit. Upon registration, you will be invited to our prep session "Bra Talk" Thursday March 18 7pm to learn about sizing and fit as well as other resources to begin your bra-making journey.

Below are a few suggestions to enhance your experience in the Zoom Sewing Room.

  • Ensure the Zoom app is on your phone or whatever device you will be using. It would also be a good idea to make sure your camera can be flexible enough for the instructors to see your table and/or sewing machine area to be able to help you.

  • When your registration is complete, order your pattern and toile bra kit right away. Read your pattern 3 times!

  • Gigi's Bra Supply has put together a collection of kits just for our class and has same day/next mail out. The toile bra kit includes fabrics for cups and band, elastics, rings/sliders and hook/eye closures. Feel free to purchase additional kits for future bras. Click here to see all the yummy fabric choices you can make for additional bra kits.

  • Underwires are purchased separately, or not at all in case you're not sure of your wire size. If you are confident to begin with your current ready-to-wear bra size, including using an underwire from an old bra, feel free to order wires with your kit. If you want to begin with new measurements, do not guess at underwire size, so we can help you with new measurements during Bra Talk. Gigi's has underwire size kits to order with free shipping when you order a bra kit - the underwire kit comes in 3 different size underwires so you can determine most accurate fit.

  • You will receive a free-shipping coupon in your bra kit if you order underwires later.

  • This is a sew-along style course where everyone is sewing and making bras, so bring your excitement and questions for the experts and other bra-makers and have some fun!

  • Bra Making Mondays also comes with step/step videos exclusive to this course available and membership to private FaceBook Group: Bra Talk: Learn & Share Bra Making.

Below are next steps along with the partner resources for your bra-making convenience, feel free to respond with questions. We are available anytime to help you get started.

Register for Bra-Making Mondays

Order/Download the Devonshire or Boylston patterns from Orange Lingerie

Order Shelley Bra Pattern & Bra Fabric Kits

from Gigi's Bra Supply using code provided after registration

Purchase your kits and underwires from our Bra Making Mondays Collection

Thank you and see you soon!

Nikki @sewingmystyle DeWahn @sewdd1104

Naomi @naomipjohnson


Bra Talk LIVE! Get to know us and ask questions about Bra Making Thursday March 18 7pm

***Bra Fitting Session*** Saturday March 27 2pm (est) Learn to measure your breast root, determine underwire fit/size,

pattern sizing and more order a muslin kit from Gigi's Bra Supply

Monday - April 5 7pm

Anatomy of a Bra - Fabrics, Elastics, Findings

Getting to know the Bra Kit

Sizing & Fit - Band/Underwires

Making Your Fit Band

Monday April 12 7pm

Making Your Fit Band

Monday April 19 7pm

Cups and Underwire Channeling

Elastics and Closures

Fit Band Check

Monday April 26 7pm

Discuss resolving fit issues from first make

Bra Pattern Adjustments

Begin 2nd bra


Gigi's Bra Supply - Patterns, Bra Kits, Underwires

Sew Sassy - bra, lingerie, swimwear supplies (clear elastic)

Tailor Made Shop

Surge Fabric Shop


As an 8-year-old child at my grandmother’s knee, I begged her to teach me to sew on her broken machine.  My grandmother’s spirit of determination was not going to stop her from teaching me this valuable craft.  One hot summer day, she gathered me, some scrap fabric and her sewing kit and taught me how to make my first garment…by hand. Without the use of a machine, I cut and created about 10 halter tops and was the most fashionable little girl on the block.  After my halter top creation, I spent years dismantling and upcycling old clothes, creating styles for school. I got my first sewing machine at 12 years old and I’ve been sewing ever since. 

I followed my dreams and spent 30 years in the fashion industry in retail, merchandising and sales.  I have been taught by some of the top designers in the industry and I want to share what I have learned over the decades with you.  Consider this your invitation into the community that was built for you!


For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to sew - as a child I remember playing dress up with my dolls creating many outfits for them.   

In the 24 years that followed my sewing pursuits have included many aspects of garment making but my primary focus and passion is lingerie, jeans, jumpsuits, bags, and jackets/coat making.  My bra making journey began 10+ years ago when I took a class sponsored by the Baltimore chapter of the ASG.  After a day and a half of class instruction, I completed my very own bra.  It fit and an entire new world began!!!   I really enjoy making custom bra and panty sets, the options are endless. 

I am a member of Black Women Stitch and is passionate about educating women about how to make their own bras. I recently spoke on the "Yes YOU Can Make a Bra" episode of the Stitch Please Podcast


Naomi’s godmother, a multimedia artist, taught her to sew handmade dolls as a young girl at summer camp. Her godmother gifted a sewing machine for her 30th birthday. For a couple of years, it sat unopened until one day when she stumbled across sewing tutorials on YouTube.

Naomi is a mom always and a teacher by day. She has an after-school sewing club at the elementary school where she works. She teaches garment making and leads A weekly “Sewcial Club” and summer camp at an independent fabric shop in the DC Metropolitan Area.

Cultivating the local sewing community is a passion. Together with two DC Area fabric stores, Naomi hosted the 1st wildly successful DC Frocktails party, celebrating DC Area makers and sewists. 

Strict adherence to the DC Stay-at-Home order presented an opportunity for Naomi to try lingerie sewing under the guidance of fellow Black Women Stitch member and Great Sewing Bee panelist DeWahn Coburn. She made her first bra and was instantly hooked! 

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