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CELEBRATION OF FRIENDSHIP - an all white affair

Here's an idea: gather your friends every two years for a beautiful photo shoot so your years of friendship get documented with fun. This is what I learned from a dear friend when I returned to Atlanta. Denyse and I met when we both worked in Atlanta media, me/broadcast radio and she was in PR/Marketing and still is. Denyse has always been a go-to person for Atlanta happenings and solid work in her industry. But most importantly, she's a great friend and this how she celebrates her friendships - so here's to a celebration of friendship. The theme this year was all-white with a touch of lavender. Easy to pull off with a visit to Joann's for hair flowers and shoes that she must have known were in my closet...done.

This summer is my summer of white garments for many reasons. I'm also on the Host Team for Diner en Blanc Atlanta 2019 and we are in an all-white state of planning all summer. Enjoy!

Lady in lavender is my friend Denyse Parks. And. the. hair.

Love this dress! I keep making it for it's casual elegance. Sleeves are one big circle and work well in knit and woven.

Ladies of Atlanta Sewing Style gather to shoot in all white - #ifitwasntformygirls

Abbey Glass JoJo Dress - I taught this dress class at Topstitch Studio. Pattern release? hmmmm...

Thanks for the love,


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