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duster love

First, this project and post was initially born out of inspiration from a sew-Sister Erica Bunker - check her out at Last fall she posted a tutorial on making a kimono and sewing with velvet. I thought her kimono made with this burnout fabric was beautiful and months later I'm in Joann's and saw the same fabric Erica used for her kimono. I had to have it! The velvet didn't disappoint - it can be difficult to work with, it's messy from cutting and it dances under the needle and on top of the feed dogs. Velvet is not like I describe denim or a nice dress crepe - it does NOT do what you tell it to do. Velvet will do it's own thing and you must have patience and a forgiving project: like my duster coat from Simplicity 8059. It didnt disappoint either. Enjoy!

My mother's yard a is great place to take photos. I can't wait til spring when she creates colorful blooms and background for great posts. So on a rainy day, the floral background of the coat fit right in.

The coat is not lined and it has a neckband that I applied black fusble interfacing. The only thing I was not happy about was the idea of stitching the velvet down for the hem. And I didnt stitch down the neckband, I understitched and it lays nicely.

I typically don't shop at Joann's for fabric, only when it jumps out at my like this burnout velvet did. And I think they carry it regularly - check it out and let me know what you think and please share your project.


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