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Everyone’s Dress

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

You’ve seen this dress a million times and it looks so stunningly beautiful, you may presume it’s a difficult evening-gown like effort to make. NOT! It’s 4 pattern pieces - bodice-sleeve front/back and skirt front/back - zipper, done!

My version of Very Easy Vogue Pattern 9253 was made with a fabric that I bought months ago, just waiting in the right idea. I went from planning pants and duster (that idea became striped linen). Then the planning was a jumper- design from a garment I had seen in a store (that idea become another fabric, just cut). I knew a dress would be the final decision because I love making dresses from fabulous fabric. Check it out as well as the inspiration from other sewing sisters that have made this dress! I’m sure their fabric stories are just as interesting. Enjoy!

Mural on the Atlanta Beltline

This dress is extremely popular to make because of its simplicity and elegance. I’ve had many responses of sewists picking the wrong fabric or the absolute right fabric - here are just a few looks of Very Easy Vogue 9253.

Marcy @marcyharriell

Erica Bunker @ericabunker

Marica @overdriveafter30

Warlene @warlenerenee

Monica @thatssewmonica

Thanks for the love!

Appreciate all my sew-sisters sharing their makes.

Nikki G

Very Easy Vogue 9253

McCall Pattern Compa

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