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Fabric haul friday - Dec 4

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Its the Holiday/Winter Wear edition of Fabric Haul Fridays with at 4 LIVE with Nikki G on IG ....say that 3 times fast!

Our featured fabrics are all you need for winter coziness, loungewear for holidays at home and your holiday crafts with faux fur.


Wanna make this hoodie! Join the beginner sewing class next week Friday Dec 11 at 5pm. We are making the Hudson Pullover from Greenstyle Patterns. Register here.

This little duo will be what I live in - Holidays at Home! Using any of the knits at, the top is a pattern go-to Jarrah Top from Megan Nielsen Patterns and my all time favorite Simplicity Pants Pattern 8649.


- the hand vac from the garage and have it handy if you are anal about fabric scraps on the floor!

- trace your patterns line on the back side of the fur - makes it easy to cut

- cut fur on the back, splicing the knit/woven backing only, with a blade or sharp scissor tips - you will only cut the back and not the fur - peel apart carefully

- use fray check on the cut edges right away and allow to dry

- OR, you can shave the edges to create a seam allowance - depending on the fur pile, this makes it easier to sew

- stitch on a wider stitch-length so your machine doesn't work so hard

- use a wooden stick to pull fur out of seam to make it disappear

- now back to the hand vac!

Nikki G's BJ Sweater

This is my new pattern coming soon!

You all know my signature staple is a bomber jacket - I even wrote a blog post a few years ago on the history of the bomber jacket. This jacket is my tribute to that garment in everyone's closet, featuring softer lines and sleeves designed so you can sew your own style with fabrics knit and woven, lined and unlined. Stay in touch for the pattern release soon. is also a great source for my bra-making supplies, including beautiful stretch satin. This is the Diamond Bustier, our Bra Making Mondays Holiday Workshop.

Thanks for the love - see you next month for a new Fabric Haul Friday with


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