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happy new year and thank you for joining my community

Updated: Jan 28, 2018

Today is January 1, 2018 and this blog is months in the making. My brother Keith and I were talking about this and he made sure I understood that having content was the key to creating an interesting world for others to participate. I began writing and storing photos.

So here is my fashion blog where I will invite you to share in my creation of a wardrobe beginning now through December 2018 and beyond.


To launch this venture, I will be creating a wardrobe: hand-sewn, DIY, designed, self-drafted, whatever we call it now - using commercial patterns, from big 4 pattern companies to patterns from indie makers, and my own self-drafted designs. Monthly posts will feature photos of the styled garment as well as photos of the process for beginning sewists to learn and sewing tips along the way, and credits to fabric and patterns. Please join the #wardrobe2018 community and register to win a clutch each month and tell your friends - I design denim/leather clutches to go with everything.

I'm also a sewing instructor in Atlanta, teaching one/one classes for youth and adult beginners and experienced dressmakers that want to elevate their skills. I have a page with details of sewing classes.

I've been sewing since I was 8. Granny taught me to handsew, crochet and knit and embroidery - sewing stuck, and some embroidery. My parents gave me a sewing machine for Christmas when I was 12 and I've been sewing ever since. When we got married, we didn't use the dining table for years because of my sewing business. He cut out patterns and stayed up all night with me and delivered garments. I stopped for some years to care for my disable son and began a career in retail sales, working in Designer Sportswear. I also did stints in girls dresses and mens furnishings (love menswear!). I also worked for a master tailor doing alterations - best education in sewing ever - highly recommend it. Today, I'm still in sales, providing technology solutions to IT organizations and freelancing in my first love: fashion. I'm JohnAnthony and Erica's Mommy and Noah's Grammy. You will see Noah in social media from time to time, she's loads of fun.

I hope you enjoy my posts as I make a complete wardrobe for 2018. You will see coats and dresses and skirts and pants. You will see lingerie, workout wear, accessories and more. Sewing tips and video clips and highlights of my students projects will also be featured, as well as Atlanta-based seasonal classes for beginners and advanced sewists. Stay tuned for giveaways, sewing promotions and classes for custom clothing projects in Atlanta and other locations.

Message to my sewing buddies, I love collaboration!

If you'd like to follow along take a look at the monthly themes for #wardrobe2018:

Jan2018 - Winter Outerwear/Dresses/Accessories

Feb2018 - In the Gym

Mar2018 - Resort

​Apr2018 - Summer Vacation

​May2018 - #generationalstyle

​Jun2018 - Birthday Dresses

Jul2018 - Last Minute Vacation

Aug2018 - Back to School

Sep2018 - Fashion Week (Fall)

Oct2018 - Breast Cancer Awareness (pink)

Nov-2018 - Holiday Dresses

Dec2018 - Celebration of Wardrobe2018 - Look Book 2018 - annual holiday giveaway

And with all best plans, things can and will change - you know what happens when we go into the fabric store and get a new idea!

Thank you everyone - I love that you included me in your day.


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