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Midriff and Jeans

One day I’m scrolling through social media and I come across Brittani at Topstitch on video twirling around a piece of new fabric that had just come in. It was this floral Lady McElroy nice polyester and I picked up the phone right then and ordered it. It didn’t disappoint. I’m still making white garments for the summer so some color wasn’t gonna hurt at all. I had just been pattern shopping and had a few new patterns and Very Easy Vogue #9319 said pick me. Easy enough and very summery so here we go. I lengthened the front belt and added shirring on the sleeves and its uniquely mine. Check out the YouTube video on shirring.

During the photo shoot in Maryland I paired the top with my Ginger Jeans, rolled the hems up and got the Chucks out. Casual wear at its best, including the little bralette I got from a boutique during my visit to Savannah. #midriff

Shirring video:

Thanks for the love-


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