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My Style - Creative Dressmaking

Who says you can't wear a fabulous dress to a work event? I love making dresses and I also love sewing my style of dress and being creative with patterns and fabric. I self-drafted this dress but these same pattern pieces exist in various commercial patterns. Mix and match to create your own style. Check out the pictures of the pattern pieces and how simple this dress is to make.

This dress is 2 years old! Just now wearing it and enjoying it. Wore it to a corporate luncheon and meeting with friends. So comfy and cool.

Fabric: Fine Fabric Atlanta

Begin with a basic dress front and back pattern pieces. OR, draft a dress from pattern pieces #1 and #3 from Butterick Pattern 6490 View D

Use a sleeve that's only 3/4 length (right past the elbow), OR use pattern piece #9 from Butterick Pattern 6490 View D

To make the sleeve flounce, cut a large circle about 30" in diagram (or desired width). OR, use pattern piece #10 from McCall Pattern 7542 View B

Thanks for the love - Nikki

Fabric: Fine Fabric Atlanta

Patterns: McCall Pattern Company m7542

Butterick 6490

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