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My Style in DC - NMAAHC

Updated: Dec 25, 2018

Happy Holidays my friends! I’m in the DC-MD area this month and had the idea to explore my 2nd home and share my style. Thanks to Michael Bruce, photographer and the cold weather I’m out and about in new outwear seeing some old haunts and new spots. Yes I brought my sewing buddy along and will be finishing up holiday gifts and not missing too much sewing. Here’s a peek at one of my season favs.... more to come! Cape: McCall Pattern 7477 Fabric: Fine Fabric Atlanta Hat: self-drafted with scrap knit and faux fur. Boots: Unsaromi Taupe DSW. Museum:

The first spot we began the photo shoot was in front of the National Museum of African American History & Culture. I wish I had thought of getting tickets to go inside, but Michael shared the location ideas along the way. Not sure if we would have been able to photograph inside anyway. The building is beautiful outside and I've heard so much about the exhibits. Get your passes and make plans to go in 2019....see you there!

Here are a few pics of the progress of the cape constructions beginning with the lining. Pressing the seams were valuable as it’s important to keep the lining from hanging below the outer fabric. I used a zipper instead of snaps mainly because I love zippers, but I also wanted a smoother look as my fabric was a nice mid-weight.

This cape was a featured garment in November for Sew Your View, monthly Instagram social media promotion hosted by Monica Tetteh (@thatssewmonica). Sew Your View invites sewists all over to sew the same pattern, selecting their view choice and this month I was guest Host. Such fun and fulfilling as I was able to share tips during the progress along the way.

When I got into the DC area, it hit me how I would style this look. A quick stop at DSW for a neutral color boot and sweater to wear because it was COLD. The hat was a last minute make from a scrap garment with faux fur....which I will do a tutorial on next week. I lost my white gloves in the suitcase so the print gloves had to do, a gift from a friend some years ago. TIP: never throw away accessories!

Thanks for the love -


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