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Updated: Jan 1, 2019

The beauty and fun part of about visiting friends in another city is you get to pick what you want to do and where you want to go. There are a few favorite spots that I used to love visiting on a regular basis and this trip included these same places. Tim got the family tickets to Blues Alley to see a holiday show with jazz great Skip Pruitt & Friends. Larry invited me to have breakfast and knew I would enjoy going to the newest Bus Boys & Poets. In fact, I ate at Bus Boys & Poets twice, it was also the spot we chose for lunch during the photo shoot - yummy! Jimmy invited me to dinner and suggested one of our favs Chart House - always delivers with great food and sexy atmosphere.

Some of my makes during this trip included popular cape McCall Pattern 7477 and the Sasha Pant from Closetcase Patterns - gotta make more staples for my closet like black pants that travel well. Visit for patterns and stretch denim fabric.

Historically, my time in the DC/Maryland area, my girls group has 4 birthdays in one month and the 2nd weekend in the month became the time we celebrated their birthdays with a holiday dinner. This year, we celebrated at Dina's house with food, food and more food. A super awesome time to fellowship and celebrate the end of the year, catch up with each other, especially those who no longer live in the area (me!) and do something nice for each other. I've always loved this time on my calendar and I make sure I'm there each year.

Me bottom left in the Nikko dress from True Bias patterns - fabric from Style Maker Fabrics.

Overall, food and entertainment in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area is endless. I love food so discovering new spots is a great sport and doing it with friends is a bonus. After leaving the wreath laying event at Arlington Cemetery, we took our rain-soaked selves to Cafe Kindred in Falls Church and the best thing on the menu was a grilled cheese sandwich with a cup of tomato/basil soup - doesn't get any better than that.

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