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My style in DC - National mall dc

As I'm writing this post, the United States government has been shut down for 4 days and it's Christmas Eve, as Congress leaves for Christmas break without knowing what's ahead. As we were taking photos on the National Mall, I wondered what I would write since the leadership of our country is not something to be proud of and our Congress is more at odds than ever. So this post will just focus on the beauty of the buildings, architecture and what these backgrounds stand for: the center of our nation where tourists come and take as many pictures as Disney World, and the attractions can't be digested in a day. The National Mall is framed by the nation's Capitol Building, Lincoln Memorial and many monuments and Smithsonian Museums. We captured the Washington Monument and the Capitol. FUN FACT: you only spell the word capitol with an "o" when referencing the building.

History tells us there was a public contest for architects/designer to win the opportunity to design a building for the new capital city. The prize was $500 and a place within the property. in 1793, William Thornton won the contest and a fun fact is the building received WIFI and mobile phone access in 2002.

Before leaving the shoot, I asked Michael if we could capture the beautiful architecture of one of the Smithsonian Institution buildings. He didn't want to at first, but with the overcast sky and waiting for the Uber to take us to lunch, the building showed up for us. The Smithsonian Institution, as the museums and research complex are collectively called, feature 17 museums, galleries and one Zoo. I lived in the DC area for 10 years and only saw a few. So much to see!

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