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Nikko Dress - Sport Version

This is my 3rd time making this dress and if you own this pattern from True Bias, I’m sure you’ve made it multiple times as well. It’s a super-easy classic dress that has several variations from dress to top to long sleeve or sleeveless. When I designed this version, I wanted to sport-up a dress so I could dress it up or down, featuring the athletic stripes down the sides. The bonus was matching my Chucks!

The bias strips down the sides were made from a fabric we carry at Topstitch Studio: Glimmer Solid (black). From 1 yard of fabric, you can cut 18 yards of 1” bias strips. It was a tedious task, but certainly worth it. The bias strips were easy to iron and stitch onto the dress sides and shoulders. I learned all of this after shopping for the right size ribbon - 1/2” ribbon doesn’t exist and nothing I saw gave me the right color and feel of the Glimmer Solid fabric I got from Topstitch. AND, no need to use any kind of stitch witchery or tape to keep the strips in place while sewing - pins work best.

The dress fabric is a yummy ponti (knit) that does whatever you tell it to do. Also from Topstitch Studio.

After deciding to do the sleeveless version of the dress, I put the strips on the shoulders stitching under the collar. That took some thinking - especially when the pattern doesn’t give specific stitching instructions. TIP: when sewing a knit garment in areas of regular stress like collars, use a zigzag stitch. This collar needed a double stitch because zigzag stitching leaves open points you can see on this fabric.

I’ve worn the dress on date night, to work teaching a class and to the family holiday party. Very versatile and comfy. Try the pattern, you’ll love it.

Thanks for the love


Nikko Top/Dress



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