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Pants: it’s a long story

I think you’ll agree there’s certain garments that you love for yourself and you will buy that garment over anything else. Some love a great blouse, some love a great coat, or beautiful skirts. If you look through my social media feeds or this blog site you’ll see a common theme: dresses and pants. I love a statement piece like anyone else, and I can do that with pants just as another designer will make a statement with sleeves.


I have a pattern I started with a year ago and found myself going back to it multiple times. So I took that pattern and made it my own. Drafted the waistline just right Made the bottom width and length just right and put the pattern in permanent paper and now I can make myself a pair of pants anytime from any fabric. I did this for making knit pants as well. I know the results will be on point.


As long as the fabric drapes well around my legs - woven or knit - I test it after washing and pressing by draping along my leg to see how it behaves. Once I used a sheer fabric and it was so sheer they looked like pajamas so I stopped while I was ahead.

Here are a few makes from this month and I’ll add more pics as I make more to finish the summer. I’m soooo ready for Fall sewing!

This story is funny- Shamica and I bought this fabric back in April. The plan was to make pants together. Well, I got distracted and didn’t start mine until later and realized I had a problem with my fabric. The black and white Robert Kaufman fabric is a staple at Topstitch Studio in Atlanta and we wanted the opposite effect. BUT! The fabrics are different weaves and the pattern lines don’t match. Who knew! So not only was I delayed I was dismayed at learning my pattern lines would not match on the sides.

I decided to ignore it like I’m asking you to do as you read this. I love these pants and I’m gonna wear them regularly.

Shamica’s were reverse matching and are lovely!

I love a paper bag waist and this is the first time I’ve made them with the result I wanted especially having the right belt.

Here are my Chi-Town Chinos. These are a pattern for a class at Topstitch and sometimes I teach sew-a-long to be able to demonstrate each step. I ended up loving these for myself. And I learned that I do need some new staple pieces in my closet.

This is one reason I never wear shorts!!!!!

Thanks for the love!

More pants to come - NKYG

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