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A raincoat doesn't have to be plastic to keep you fresh and safe from water. Made with the right fabrics, your raincoat can be just a fashionable as your other garments. Just consider your favorite lightweight unlined coat or jacket, look for a pattern and take it from there. There are so many patterns that will make a great coat or jacket to wear during rainy weather, water-repellant and cute!

Raincoat fabrics ensure protection against rain, wind, cold, dust, dirt and atmosphere with high humidity. Waterproof outerwear is made from a variety of materials — wool, cotton, silk, premium fibers and fabrics with rubber. Water-repellent treatment makes natural fabrics durable, flexible and easy to clean without affecting their properties. Soft and smooth, they allow the skin to breathe, while keeping you safe from rough weather.


Simplicity 8554 - Cotton Twill Fabric - bias covered seams


You can make a raincoat from some of your favorite fabrics like silk, linen, cotton and lightweight denim. If treated to repel water, fabrics are sold as "laminated", processed on the outer side to be water-repellant - think outdoor table cloths. Not really what you want to wear on your body when hanging out on a Spring evening, but you get the point.

Water-resistant: able to resist the penetration of water to some degree but not entirely.

Water-repellent: not easily penetrated by water, especially as a result of being treated for such a purpose with a surface coating.

Waterproof: impervious to water.

So when selecting a raincoat fabric consider what fiber you want - cotton, linen, silk - then consider how you want your fabric to behave during inclement weather. You can easily find water-repellant fabric in most fabric favorite is in the cotton family, like a shiny polyester twill, or canvas or anything from from Liberty Cottons. For your first time using these fabrics, try to not to exceed fabrics more than 10 oz - may give your machine a fit. Check these stores for options:

Mood Fabrics (Raincoat)

Tissura (Exclusive Fine Fabrics) (Water Repellant Fabrics)

Classes are planned for May!

We are making Simplicity 8554 - unlined, trench style coat, belted and no buttons

Very Easy Vogue 9367 - also unlined, classic trench style with buttons Nyla Jacket - Sew Creative Lounge (PDF Downloadable Pattern)

New Look 6142 - His/Hers hooded Jacket, unlined, deep pockets

Spring is here and we can get out a little in 2021,

so plan for inclement weather in style = Raincoats as Fashion!

***Plan to make use a (muslin) cotton blend fabric that is not laminated***

Class dates:

Tues May 11 7pm, Thurs May 13 7pm

Tues May 18 7pm, Thurs May 20 7pm

Follow up date tbd




Nyla Jacket - Sew Creative Lounge - PDF Downloadable Pattern - Oversized hood and pockets. Add a zipper or buttons for closure to make it your own.

The month of May is "Ready for Water Month" - get your raincoat made and stroll in the rain.

Thanks for the love!


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