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Sewing Evening style - atlanta staycation

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

Yes, we always need another little black dress! Black fabric is the one fabric I can buy without having a pattern or any thoughts of what to make. Black fabric can always be used and you know you'll make something nice - eventually. So one Sunday morning I bought tickets to see Smokey Robinson at the FOX Theatre and told Mom we‘re going out. Mom put icing on my little cake and made hotel reservations for us to have a staycation in Downtown Atlanta the week before Super Bowl. Alrighty then!

Mom has always been my roadie and we fell in step like old times. Plus, who calls the Georgian Terrace Hotel on a hot concert night and gets a room???? Only my mom- the original party girl.

First stop - visit Hannah at Lure Restaurant for drinks and appetizers. We had the place all to ourselves. Mom had been shopping and said she bought pairs of pants to see which one would match her tuxedo jacket.

Sunday morning we decided to get into the Super Bowl spirit earlier than that crowds. Centennial Olympic is a spot Mom and I know well from when I worked the 1996 Olympics. They have a new sculpture honoring the Olympics.

Fabric Joint in Atlanta on Memorial Drive is my little spot that has unique pieces that you have to dig around for. My latest find was a medium weight knit with small sequins on one side. I created a sexy dress with long sleeves and one shoulder - hacked from Simplicity Pattern 8386 (a top). Made a muslin version one evening and made the dress the next evening - easy pattern for a beginner as well as advanced skill.

A dress is just a long top - you can hack any top pattern by applying you bottom measurements from waist down. Stay tuned to the blog for another hack next month.

Thanks for the love -


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