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"TOP FUN" with fabric mart

McCalls 7784 and Designer Knit at Fabric Mart

One Top 3 Views Collaboration with my Sisters! L-R Marica is in View C, I did View D and Johanna did View A - see our showcase on the Fabric Mart Fabricistas Blog Page.

The reason I sew and share my sewing with others, is the gratification that comes with creating and bonding in a network of other creatives that make their own clothes. it's been one year since I joined the social media world of sewing and fashion design and today my network includes over 2,000 people that care about what I do and how pretty it is when I'm done. One of those special people in my network is a sew-sister Marica Mitchell, aka @overdriveafter30 on social media. A very talented sister in Florida that loves others and gives of herself daily, including kids as teaches as a profession. Marica shared with me and another sew-sister Johanna Ali aka @soveryjo the idea of sharing in her monthly Fabric Mart Fabricista Blog posts...check it out here. She's been an ambassador since winning last year's challenge and she's and FabricMart show off every month with lovely fabrics made into amazing garments. Me and Johanna joined Marica to make a top - McCalls 7784 - with our choice of fabric from Fabric Mart - my choice can be found here for purchase. Its a Rayon/Lycra Print Jersey Knit (Champagne Pink/Salmon/Black/Multi). Enjoy!

This knit fabric has a soft hand and has lovely, light 4-way stretch. The color is rich and powdery softness of pink with black floral accents.

The top has darts and the fabric marks well with tracing paper. SEWING TIP: when working with a print fabric, be certain to make marking very clear. Makes construction easy as you go.

For circles and triangles and other markings on patterns, I use stickers (from the Dollar Store) to mark them. Stickers stay on the fabric and will be there when you need them during construction.

SEWING TIP: When working with knit fabric and interfacing, first use a knit interfacing based on pattern directions. Then because knit fabric will curl during construction, I will apply interfacing to the whole piece of fabric at one time then cut pattern pieces out so I'm cutting both fabric and interfacing at the same time. The cut facing pieces will lay flat and be stable when its time to sew.

This knit fabric was very telling. The pattern design of the top featuring a key-hole back closure with a hook/eye. When I made it, I realized the knit fabric did not tolerate the key hole closure and it gaped open. So since the knit fabric was stable on its own and I could pull the top on over my head, I closed up the back with a straight seam - viola! smooth back view.

Thanks for love - NKY-G

Check out Marica and Johanna and show them some too!

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Instagram Page:

Johanna's Blog:

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