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Sewing My style - WINTER COAT FINALE

I know everyone reading this post can relate to wearing layers upon layers of clothing this winter because of the extreme cold that hit the country and as I'm writing this post, the Atlanta weather is still cold. So I'm still obsessed with making coats, which I think I will all year to make sure I have a nice wardrobe of coats next winter. You won't catch me freezing and not cute! And that's what I think bugs me: all my life I've worn warm coats from head to toe - I never worn short coats because in my head I was still cold at the bottom, so the heavier and longer the better. But my coats were never cute, they were long and black and I wore gloves and hat to match. Even the fur gifted from Mommy in the 90s was beautiful and covered me from neck to ankle. But there is one coat that I boast about, as I made it in 1988 and it still hangs in my closet. A trench coat, vintage Vogue pattern and I'd love to make it guessed it: long, black and belted, almost cute. If I make it again, it'll get hacked with multiple colors this time.

This year I began a quest to make a wardrobe of coats, a statement piece for all weather conditions. This is post includes a favorite, first because it's a pattern that I've made in the past and then because I was asked to participate in a magazine feature featuring plaids. My first question was what issue and when I learned it was Jan/Feb, that meant "winter" and that meant I was making a coat and a jacket in plaid fabric. Check it out...

When I tell you it was cold in Washington DC that day - I mean 4 layer cold! Sweater: Macy's, leather shirt (in my closet for 10 years) along with the cap.

If you were not able to get your hands on a Sewn Magazine, here's a snapshot of the segment of the Jan/Feb 2019 issue featuring ME! If you recall an earlier post of my Washington DC tour, I decided to overlap the magazine photo shoot with my holiday visit to DC/Maryland for the month of December. The Mall was perfect with monuments and museums as backgrounds with Maryland-based photographers Michael Bruce and Guy Richardson behind the scenes. Ever looked for a place to change clothes out on the Washington Mall? Don't ask...

Pattern: McCall Pattern Company #7749 Fabric: Wool blend from Fabric Joint Atlanta GA

Bomber Jacket w/Leather welt pockets and collar - Pattern: Simplicity #8418 - Fabric: Wool blend from Topstitch Studio in Ponce City Market Atlanta GA

Suggestion: don't miss another issue of Sewn Magazine. The place showcasing sewing and DIY talent and there aren't enough pages to feature us all. I was so honored to be invited and it was fun sharing my talent with others, thank you Michelle Morris, @ThatBlackChic!

Hugs and Thank You's... Sewn Magazine

Michael Bruce Photography Baltimore MD

McCall Pattern Company and Beaute Jadore (Coat)

Simplicity Creative Group (Bomber Jacket)

TopStitch Studio Atlanta

Fabric Joint Atlanta

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