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sewing sisterhood

When I first began building my fashion sewing brand on social media, the first thing i noticed and was impressed by was the network of other women that sew. Global presence of women (and men) sewing all things from kids clothing, home and craft items all the way to making the clothes they wear everyday. There are so many levels of social engagement too, some sewists are still in the hobby stage, or side-hustle stage as they begin to create streams of parttime income, and then there's some that are playing full out with major brand recognition that sells and gets noticed. It's all out there for anyone who wants to play, this smorgasboard of talent presenting one common thing: INSPIRATION. This is what I'd like to be to others and inspiration is also what I look for when swiping everyday... to be inspired and educated by others more skilled than I am.

I do like introducing myself to others and developing a kinship based on our common likes and sewing activity, and during my travels, I get to do it in person. During my DC/Maryland visit this month, I paid a visit to Nikki Brooks, brilliant fashion designer, beauty and lifestyle influencer of Beaute' J'adore that I have followed for some time because of the pure content she creates in her posts. First, she's a Mommy and her pride in raising her daughter shows in everything she does. I think that's the first thing I complimented her on when I met her. She and her daughter have a partnership with McCall Pattern Company and you can find patterns to make really cool garments, which I have done. I've also made garments designed and distributed as digital patterns on her site. She truly has a formula that's working for her.

My visit was just as I expected. We had coffee and talked endlessly about sewing and family and work and goals and I had to put myself out because of the time. I think we could have talked for hours. I also learned so much, I left excited about my sewing goals. Visit Nikki on Instagram @beautejadore as well as her DIY blog site and become INSPIRED. As the new year rolls in, stay tuned to be even more engaged with her brand to learn how to sew as stylish as she does....more to come!

If you ever get a chance to visit with another designer/sewist in your network, just do it. A very fulfilling part of your journey....Appreciate you Nikki Brooks.

At some point in your sewing journey, you will meet someone that speaks the same language as you and collaboration is the next step. I got a chance to visit with Monica Tetteh @thatssewmonica, as guest host of her monthly sew-a-long Sew Your View. Monica's network are all invited to sew their selected view of a pre-selected pattern and feature their garments throughout the month. Over the past month, I had been a participant of Sew Your View and learned how fun it can be to sew the same garment with so many others and share tips and progress and experience the same challenges and joys as other sewists. Monica is a true leader when it comes to her craft and her sewing is amazing. Her vision of the finished garment shows up and truly inspires your talent. Project Sew is also one of her babies as she gives back to her community in the Dallas area, invited women to a monthly sewing day. I've never attended but I can tell the women love her and are building this brand every month it happens. I'm looking forward to working with Monica more, especially when we bring Project Sew to Atlanta...stay tuned.

I recently had the opportunity to visit Dallas TX and invited Monica to join me at Diner en Blanc Dallas and I had the perfect partner for the night! Too little time and space to tell the complete story, but we had a blast. Visit Monica on Instagram @thatssewmonica and visit her blog site to learn more about her brand how you can be INSPIRED!

Thank you Monica

Project Sew in Dallas TX

Talk about collaboration! I was so excited to participate in the May Sew Your View because it was one of my fav designers.

This is the dress in Washington DC at the Willard Hotel. The sun felt good in the afternoon at the end of the photo shoot.

This dress was my choice for September 2018 Sew Your View: Vogue Pattern 9327. Unique to this month's sew-a-long, I had challenges with the bodice of the zipper and as I solved every challenged, I shared the tips and progress on social media with other participants. The response was overwhelming and I learned I was helping others and inspiring them to keep going. The dress was traditionally made with a dart-filled bodice and cuffs on the sleeves and a full invisible zipper. I decided to add leather as a trim for the cuffs and the fabric was a stretch glen plaid that curled when the zipper was put in - the fix: interfacing.

Speaking of sewing sister collaboration, earlier this year Marica Mitchell @overdriveafter30 invited me and another sister Johanna Ali (@soveryjo) to join her on her monthly campaign with Fabric Mart. It started as an idea and she wasn't even sure if Fabric Mart would go for it, but her passion and creativity sold them in minutes (an email) and they loved the idea of the 3 of us presenting different looks and different fabrics of one pattern. I blogged about it earlier and here's a recap.

Another collaborative look from Marica (@overdriveafter30) - this is the sexiest version of October's Sew Your View - McCall Pattern 7833.

Johanna (@soveryjo) slayed October's Sew Your View in white knit - that's what's up!

Again, collaboration is key is any business, hobby, side hustle or family outing. Collaborating with others will accomplish more growth and learning and you will create powerful impacts as a team.

Thanks to all my sewing sisters for inviting me to your circle - here's to more to come!


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