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The great bra sewing bee is ready for you!

Registration is open and we're excited

What is the Great Bra Sewing Bee?

Live Classes:

You can participate in live classes from Zoom or Facebook live. If you watch live you can ask questions, but if the time is inconvenient all these classes are also recorded!

Pre-recorded Classes:

Since we have way more classes t han we can teach live, our teachers have also prepared a great selection of pre-recorded classes that will be waiting for you right away on 8/4. Check out the classes right here.


This year we will be releasing two exclusive sew-alongs EACH DAY. ​

These pre-recorded videos allow you to follow along with an expert to sew some incredible patterns. You’ll be able to pause the video and go at your own pace. You can also ask all your questions and show off your creations in our Facebook group! ​

Sign up for email updates on Sew-alongs during the GBSB

Community of Sewing Rooms:

Have a bra struggle you can’t solve? Ask a great community of bra sewists. Not only will you get an answer, but you may just win a door prize for asking!​

New in 2021 we will be starting question threads for each class. We are also going to be having more moderators help us stay organized.​

The community in this group was a huge highlight of the event last year.


Our partners will be offering conference specials like free shipping & discounts. ​

These discounts will run from August 4-8, 2021 so be sure to set aside a little time in the weekend for a shopping spree!

​New for 2021 we will be re-vamping our coupon book to make it even easier to use. ​

If you’re looking for an excuse to get a new bra kit, don’t forget how much money you’re saving on travel expenses!


Me, DeWahn and Naomi will open the Beginner Day of the GBSB with sharing how to measure and determine fit for your chosen pattern.

Join from the private comfort of your own sewing room and all you need is your measuring tape, pencil and paper.

Beginner Bee Details

See you there!


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