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the perfect dress

Updated: Apr 14, 2018

One of my favorite dress projects is when I take a great top pattern – knit or shirt style – and make it a dress. This one is a perfect for work, Saturday night or Sunday, McCall’s 7621 View B. I took a very short dress and lengthened it. Back in December I was in Joann’s where I rarely see a great apparel fabric. I don’t shop at Joann’s for apparel fabric so when I saw this cozy sweater knit I had to grab it. New Year’s Eve evening I made this dress and two t-shirts. The dress sat for a month because it looked kinda plain, so I hand-beaded pearls to the sleeves, giving it that touch that I love: an unexpected surprise on a dress.

The beads came from an old necklace that I took apart and it took forever, but so worth it.

That same evening I made two t-shirts and the beaded dress. The black t-shirt is a very light faux leather and it’s one of my go-to pieces.

Thanks for the love – NKY G

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