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I absolutely love coats, jackets, vests, raincoats - I love denim and leather and fur and anything other than the same coat all winter and fall...I wear it all! The real story is: I really want a white trench coat and I started one (McCalls 7480) and I scrapped it. This was also the second time making this coat and it still didn't work. The white denim I chose was not behaving and I called it after the beautiful welt pockets and fused self-facing and topstitching every seam - it just died on the form. Too heavy for the pattern design and one day in the Spring you'll see the fabric as a clutch with a leather bottom...I'll remind you.

I planned for four items to showcase January's theme of Outerwear so here are the other 3 pieces: Papercut Pattern's Sapporo Coat, Simplicity's 8418 Bomber Jacket and McCall's 7291 Vest in the cutest

faux leather.

The Sapporo Coat from Papercut Patterns was popular last year and the pattern is available for me at Topstitch Studio in Decatur GA and I had to have it. It was different, it was casual and I was determined to make it with a unique fabric. Mom and I were in the fabric store and I saw this cashmere that was sold by the panel because of the design. I got 3 panels and it was a challenge to make the pieces of the pattern work, but I got it done after a weekend of looking at it on the floor. I love the pattern and the colorful lining which I had in my stash. The most fun part of this coat was the fact that it snowed the next week in Atlanta and I made a hat and went outside to take pics. The snow added to the design.

SIMPLICITY 8418 - Believe it or not I did have a bomber jacket and I was waiting on the right fabric to come along especially for the winter and I wanted a heavy one. Here is Simplicity's 8418 - just a fun project!

The surprise piece here is the t-shirt from Sasha Secondo-Piano, an indie pattern of the best t-shirt I've seen. The fabric is a light faux leather and I've made it 3 times.

My favorite January project - McCall's Vest 7291. Here I thought I was testing a piece of faux leather I got at my local fabric store and it turned out so cute and you guys loved it, so maybe I'll make another. The fabric was easy to work with and I topstitched every seam. It's unlined so it's done in an hour including the belt. I'm sure different fabrics will behave differently so expect that.

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