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wild wrap

I love animal print and a surprise accent on any garment. So, what better accent than an attached wrap belt on an animal print top. I self-drafted this pattern (simple bodice with sleeves) having used it multiple times for tops and dresses. The fabric came from Fine Fabrics in Atlanta and I wanted a late season top to wear with pants or my leather skirt. When working I love to dress simply with smart jewelry that's comfortable. This top did the job!

The belt was drafted on the fold and measured 7 inches on each side sewn into the side seam. The fabric is a moderate stretch, so not too tight and I was careful to taper the belt down to the ends so it wouldn't be too bunchy at the waist.

The sleeve length was key, making it quarter length because the print of the fabric would be overwhelming with long sleeves. And, the sketch book has a summer sleeveless version - more to come!

I'm thinking about distributing this pattern - what you think?

Thanks for the love - NKY G

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